Mary is devoted to helping others free themselves from suffering and self-limiting behavior through storytelling, laughter therapy, and personal life coaching. She approaches her work with authenticity that comes from the depths of her own life experiences which have been transformed into her compassionate nature and her commitment in service to others”.
~ Erica Elliott, MD


“Mary Rives is an amazing woman. Her incredibly rich life experience combined with deep wisdom and connection make her the perfect coach. Mary is trained in a variety of disciplines and techniques, so that you know she has the right tools to help you. If you are ready for beautiful transformation of yourself and your life, allow Mary to guide you!”
~ Michele Caron, CPC, Founder, www.MyLifeCoach.com


“Mary’s coaching and workshop facilitation have a warm, engaging and compassionate style. She really cares about her clients and applies her sharp mind, deep listening and problem solving skills to help create breakthroughs for people on both personal and professional levels.” ~ Sylvia Brallier, Inspirational Speaker, Personal Growth Educator


“Mary is a wise soul with rare experience and skill. As a guide and coach, she’s without peer. Her level of kindness, wisdom and a spirit of play are rarely so harmoniously combined. I would highly recommend Mary’s coaching and Laughter Yoga leadership without hesitation.” ~ Art Brown, Writer, Filmmaker, Internet Marketing Specialist


“The Little Village of Santa Fe, better known as Aldea, will never be the same.  We experienced the pure healing joy of laughing in the face of pain, anxiety, fear and loss. Mary Rives, a trained Laughter Coach, took us to that place so that we could move beyond the angst of yesterday and joyfully into today and tomorrow.” ~ Bright Daystar, Santa Fe, NM


“If you are looking for someone to take you where you can’t take yourself, look no further than Mary Rives! Mary has used her wide range of training, knowledge and personal experiences to help me face my fears and then offered myriad solutions for overcoming them.   She’s never done the work for me, but rather she’s gently guided me through the process of finding the answers for myself, and offered the encouragement I’ve needed to implement the solutions.  Mary has enriched my life with her calm, gentle coaching and her unwavering support of my attempts to better my outlook – and my experiences.  If you’ve ever wondered whether a Life Coach could help you uncover and resolve issues that are holding you back, give Mary Rives a call.  She’ll definitely help you thrive and shine!” ~ Mary Gebhart, College Humanities Instructor


“Mary brings the gifts of a highly skilled, intuitive and full hearted group leader to all her laughter yoga groups. It is truly an evolutionary and opening process to be a part of one of her laughter groups. Also, in her role as life coach, she merges the above with her many years as an experienced Clinician. She brings depth, joy and deep wisdom into this exploratory journey.” ~ Alita Giber, LICSW, MSW


“I have known Mary for twenty years. She has always shown a passionate commitment to personal growth and to helping others on their path. Over the years she has acquired a deep knowledge base and has developed a wide variety of skills and tools that she is able to apply to many different situations. She has an open and inquisitive mind and has the ability to combine deep compassion and intuition with a practical approach. I have been very fortunate over the years to participate in many of the exercises, groups, and workshops that she has put together and led and I’ve thus benefitted from her coaching. Her work is of the highest quality and I would highly recommend her services.” ~ Imre Kepes, Non-profit Consultant