Birth Stories


Birth Stories

Give birth to your child’s birth story! 

Birth is a miraculous journey that starts long before the delivery room and continues as you learn to pave the pathway as a parent of your little bundle of joy. The process of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting can be a turbulent time both physically and emotionally. Whether you have recently given birth to your first or fourth child, Birth Stories is an invaluable experience that will enhance and preserve your experience of childbirth long after the pains and pleasures of labor have passed.

We all have visions about the ideal birth but rarely do labor and delivery happen exactly according to our birth plan. Story facilitator Mary Rives became a mother in her 20’s and had a planned home birth. She learned that even with an all-natural home birth, things can go awry and sometimes feelings of disappointment, fear, anxiety, regret, shame, or grief can linger for years to come. 

As a certified doula and the mother of a happily married son who has been given the gift of hearing his birth story many times, Mary will guide the conversations with sensitivity and joyful reverence. During the Birth Stories process, you will participate in a series of meetings and interviews which will help you to recall your memories, regardless of how many moons ago that experience was. 

This engaging and uplifting process is ideal for both mothers, fathers, and/or other loved ones. Participants engage in powerful storytelling of a most sacred event guided by facilitator and Story Coach, Mary Rives, who serves as a deep and respectful listener, witness, and recorder. 

Telling the details of the birthing experience as soon as possible after the birth is imperative before the details of the memory fade or the family become too busy. The therapeutic value of sharing such a significant life event can even help a woman to rebalance and heal following the birthing experience. 

Telling your birth story and having it as a tangible resource makes it easy to begin a wonderful annual family tradition of sharing the joy with children on their birthdays (or any time!).  It also serves as a beautiful keepsake for mothers and fathers in the future after their “baby” has left the nest. 

After your Birth Stories sessions, you will have your child’s birth story in the form of a storybook and/or video as a treasured memory for life. This makes an incredibly empowering gift for yourself, your co-parent, child, or someone you love who is a new parent. How special it will be for your baby to receive this gift of hearing their birth story from early childhood to young adulthood; a snapshot in time of their parents all those years ago!

Please note that there is a distinction between the birth story as a shared keepsake, and what Mary refers to as ‘the back story’ of the birth experience, which is confidential and recorded only if the mother or father wishes. Your privacy and emotional well being are of utmost importance to Mary. She will only include sections of your story that you are happy to share in your final product. Talk to Mary about preserving your birth story in a memorable and powerful way.