Here we are in 2021! Phew! I’m grateful we made it through (and grieve for the loved ones of those who didn’t). It feels damn good to refer to 2020 as “last year” now. Like so many of us, I was unable to see any family over the holidays. I did my best to make the best of being hunkered down at home. Keith and Wayne came over on Christmas Day and we enjoyed a lovely time together. And now, I’m inspired to share this New Year’s gift with you: 
As Clare Dubois wrote about being interviewed, “If you would like to extend your reading into some inspirational listening (!) here is my most raw and useful interview of the year as I closed Humanity Risings series with their 158th session in December. It is a catalyst. Enjoy!”
Clare is the founder of Tree Sisters, the non-profit I’ve supported monthly for years now. Tree Sisters has planted more than 15 million trees around the world in collaboration with grassroots reforestation projects.
If you are not up for watching Clare’s deeply moving interview (or even if you are), here is Tree Sister’s beautiful brand new animated video narrated by an amazing African American woman who is part of Tree Sisters. 
So, yes, one way I am a staunch advocate for the planet is as an ambassador for Tree Sisters. And while I’m deeply passionate about the circles and workshops I offer, it’s Tree Sisters I’m inviting you to explore. I hope you will join the movement. Tree Sisters include men as well and works with indigenous peoples and people of color around the globe. May you enjoy this rich and juicy resource and consider joining Tree Sisters too, or simply sign-up to receive their newsletter here💞
Happy New Year with love 🏵,

Mary Rives, MHA, BA, MS