Getting hacked happens. And it recently happened to me and my husband’s websites. The anonymous hacker(s) did not retrieve our financial information but they sure did damage to our sites, rendering them useless until repaired.

Thankfully, our sites were repairable and Keith and I remain grateful for the professional help of Woodchuck Arts’s talent, skill, and determination, to get our websites up and running again. While they were expensive repairs, the gals at Woodchuck ensured that such hacking won’t happen again. We’re securely on their server and feel confident that the security of our websites now rests in their caring hands.

Meanwhile, instead of blogging, I’ve been journaling away and seeding meaningful projects for the spring and summer. Plans are actively underway to create sacred experiences for others.

Please ardon the time lapse since my last blog post and stay tuned for my next post which reflects on grief and mourning.

As we approach winter’s end and the beginnings that spring brings us, we can thrive in the transition, just as I thrived in the time of being hacked and then getting up and running again.

May you enjoy the day and be free from hackers, “Scam likely” calls, and other annoying interferences which are part and parcel of this technological age.

About Mary

Mary Rives, MHA, BA, MS, is passionate about people’s stories and being of service to others and the planet. She specializes in helping elders in the early stages of dementia craft their memoirs and leave a legacy for future generations, as well as leading “Story Circles”. In 2018, Mary founded Santa Fe’s Annual Me Too Stories.

Mary loves to record parents’ birthing experiences as well as the life stories of others with tales to tell. She skillfully facilitates writing seminars, story workshops, and individual writing sessions. Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her beloved husband, Keith, and their cat, George, Mary delights in life and revels in love.