The New Year is a great time to take inventory of our lives and set our intentions for 2019. Rather than make resolutions, why not create a vision for the new year? (Visioning with intentions and inspired action is allegedly much more effective than old school resolutions!)

Here are a few fun activities to help generate positive feelings about your new (or renewed) vision and intentions–and to make them your reality:

  1. Write a letter to yourself as if the end of 2019 has arrived.
  2. Look back on all you accomplished, the dreams you actualized, how you grew personally and professionally.
  3. Include success stories from the year as if they actually happened.
  4. Allow your imagination to guide you through the process.
  5. Generate positive feelings as you look back on what transpired that you made happen in 2019.
  6. Focus on how your relationships improved, healed, or were released if they no longer served you.
  7. What gifts did you get in touch with and share with your community?
  8. Make a vision board to accompany your letter.
  9. Share the vision board and/or read the letter to yourself with a trusted friend, therapist, or family member. Celebrate!
  10. Look at the vision board daily and each time, allow yourself to feel great from the images you’ve placed in your board.
  11. Give thanks for all the good you were blessed with in 2019
  12. Let me know how it goes and if you need support!

Here is a song I share on my blog each year around this time that comes from a time-honored tradition my husband and I honor. The song is about letting go of the old and ringing in the new. EnJOY!

One thing I’m really excited about for 2019 is bringing women together for monthly visioning circles. The first one will be offered as part of 100 Sister Circles happening around the world on the weekend of the full moon in January! To register for my circle or to find one near you, visit the website of Sistership Circles and enter your location. Here’s the invitation to my circle in Santa Fe.

May you manifest what your heart desires in 2019. This year can only be much, much better than the last — and you get to make it so.

About Mary

Mary Rives, MHA, BA, MS, is passionate about people’s stories and being of service to others and the planet. She specializes in helping elders in the early stages of dementia craft their memoirs and leave a legacy for future generations, as well as leading “Sistership Circles”. In 2018, Mary founded Santa Fe’s Annual Me Too Stories.

Mary loves to record parents’ birthing experiences as well as the life stories of others with tales to tell. She skillfully facilitates writing seminars, story workshops, and individual writing sessions. Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her beloved husband, Keith, and their cat, George, Mary delights in life and revels in love.