Part of my story which is connected to the collective narrative is that it’s taken me a while to come to a peaceful place within regarding Thanksgiving, especially knowing that this day is considered a day of mourning for many First Americans who lost most of their land and freedoms to early European settlers. 

That said and honored, I love Thanksgiving and it is truly my joy to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m genuinely curious about what Thanksgiving means to you. Please bear with me as I pose these thought-provoking questions.

What is your Thanksgiving story? Is it ever-evolving or does it pretty much remain the same? What does this holiday mean to you? Does it serve to bring you together with people you love? To realize and give thanks for the abundance in your life? Or does it remind you of oppression and bring back painful memories? If the latter is true, how do you contend with that so you can do your best to enjoy the day in the present moment? Maybe you don’t celebrate this American holiday at all but you observe it from the outside. If so, how is that for you? Is the gratitude theme contagious and you enjoy taking inventory of the blessings your life is showered with? 

For me, all of the above applies, but the painful Thanksgivings wrought with my family of origin dysfunctional outbursts were few and long ago. Most of all, this time of year stirs an excitement within, one of anticipation of having quality time (and food!) with beloved friends and/or family.

May you enjoy a healthy and safe Thanksgiving weekend and revel in some reflections of gratitude this holiday brings!