Alice in the Elsewhere

YOU! A beacon of light

YOU! A dear friend to many

YOU! A master of many gifts, a passionate lover of this earthly life

YOU who so loved your Wayne whose love for you is an example to the rest of us


MUTUAL ARTISTS Riding the highs and lows of a marriage  and life

Based in love     Always      Based in love.

Here are the words of Alice herself who, by now, has found her other form, unraveling and reveling in the sweet mystery behind the veil:

Black Moon

You come into my dreams

Full-speed ahead.

Always Aries in charge.

You are transformed into a woman of promise

And sweet mystery.

You disappear into a billion souls,

All honoring the Buddha.

One, two, three,

Find other forms

In the elsewhere.

Blue light glowing,

I search for you

In the rain, the light

From the sea.

Always in my heart,

you are with me.

~ Alice Rose Lee

Alice, always in our hearts. Thank you for being my friend.