Seasons Greetings from Mary at Healing Stories!

2017 was such a tumultuous, dramatic, and challenging year, both politically and emotionally. If you’re like me and care about people and the planet, you’re most likely happy to join me in wishing a hearty good riddance to 2017. What a year in our country, the world, and our personal lives. In my next post, I will be ringing in the New Year. For now, here are some of my highlights and low points of 2017:

  • I was blessed to travel to Puerto Rico for a work conference in the winter and visited a friend who rescues and rehabilitates street animals in her lush corner of the island. I basically traveled along the path that Hurricane Maria would take five months later. 🙁

  • I was also blessed in the springtime to see old friends in California, as well as help my mom radically downsize her home and move into a really nice independent living apartment. It is such a gift that she chose to make this change which allows her to be with many friends who also left their large retirement community for a lovely facility with more services and support. I’m proud of my mom for modeling how to live a good life as a widow while also being grateful that I did not become one on July 7th…

  • On July 7th, I came close to joining my mother in widowhood when my husband experienced a freak accident that brought everything in our lives to a screeching halt. I quickly became a full-time caregiver who worked overtime, earning my title of “Honorary Nurse”. Thankfully, Keith’s healing process has moved right along, even though there’s much more healing for my sweet man.

  • A highlight of my own health is something I’m thrilled to report — I no longer suffer from migraine headaches that have plagued me for years! (Contact me if you wish to learn what did the trick.)

  • In the midst of the burgeoning #MeToo movement, I had the honor to coordinate the National Me Too Monologues that happened in 13 cities across the USA and to co-facilitate the Santa Fe #MeToo Monologues. I’m so proud of the courageous women who shared their stories on stage before a full house at Teatro Peraguas here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • It was a pleasure to attend the book reading of a client whose memoir I helped craft. As a story coach and editor, I’m presently (and joyfully) working with another client on his book as I grow my business, Healing Stories.

  • As Keith and I do every year, we successfully continued to support our Jamaican godson and his family through our annual fundraising efforts. We understand how an education can change the course of a family’s life for generations to come, and we’re committed to making sure that our school age godson completes 12 years of education — and maybe even more!

  • It was a joy to attend the wedding of our nephew in Brooklyn where we enjoyed seeing family “back East”, especially our son and daughter-in-law.

I’ll end by sharing prayerful wishes from two friends who are talented photographers, Jamey Stillings and Esha Chiocchio:

In the year ahead, may we grow in our respect, kindness and sensitivity to friends and strangers alike. May we work for peace, find common purpose, and commit to actions that show respect for future generations on this unique planet we call Earth.

Meanwhile, to quote Jesse Jackson, may we “Keep Hope Alive”, keep the faith, and move forward all the stronger in 2018. Here’s to wishing you much courage, loving kindness, and humanity along the way.

Happy New Year with love,