imagesIt can be much easier to live in “La La Land” and avoid the pain of the world that I am so sensitive to rather than lean into it and open my heart, come what may. Sometimes it feels like what we are doing to Mother Earth and each other is just too much to bear so I turn away and distract myself. Facebook, Twitter, FB Scrabble, email, the telephone, a movie, a book, a snack, you name it, all serve me well in protecting me from facing the emotional pain I would feel were I to tune into the present reality of our planet in peril.

But in my case, ignorance is not bliss. I know full well what destruction is happening in our world. I also know what I am doing when I distract myself, so lately I am daring to listen to my highly empathic self and allow my feelings to emerge. Leaning into the horror and the terrors that other beings are experiencing around our planet, our only home, is opening my heart and helping me find and share my voice–and my tears. We are not doing such a good job at sharing this only home with other species nor with each other and it is, once again, my time to speak out. After all, I have taken a pledge to the Earth and I need to live up to it and walk my talk. So, buckle up and come along for the ride…


Recently discovering a most beautiful blog called The Year of Black Clothing, has helped turn me toward my grief and the suffering of others, not away with distractions and calloused attitudes that protect me from my real feelings. Finding this precious gem of a blog has empowered me to read and post some stories about events around the world that are hard to fathom, hurt to see, and are easier to turn away from. For example, I recently posted this on FB and made a donation to the cause to:

“Stop the mass butchering of baby seals!


86,000 baby seals are butchered each year in Namibia for fur company Hatem Yavuz.

Workers massacre the screaming Cape Fur pups with clubs and picks, slowly and brutally beating them to death. The Australian company’s practices violate Namibia’s Animal Protection Act and push the threatened species even closer to extinction. And the best way to stop it is to expose Hatem Yavuz’s senseless cruelty to the world.

Ending this bloodbath won’t hurt Namibia’s economy. In fact, making the seals a tourist attraction would benefit the Namibian tourist economy 300 times more than Hatem Yavuz does. But that will only happen if we expose this horror, and shame the company into ending the annual slaughter!”

After seeing this post on FB, a friend commented, “I thought clubbing had been banned in the seventies”, making it obvious to me how badly we need to educate others in ways that inspire them to use their voices too–and to keep voicing mine.

As I type, dozens of Pilot Whales are stranded and dying off the coast of Florida Everglades. Fourteen have already died and the outlook is not good for the remaining pod mates. What I can do is send Reiki to these majestic beings, to all who are there to help them, and for all of the causes of such suffering to end. If you are still with me here, then I am also bringing into your awareness their plight. I offer this simple yet powerful Hawaiian prayer practice known as Ho’oponopono to the whales, the seals, and the humans involved:


Lastly, I offer this same prayer (over and over and over again) to all the creatures of the Earth who are endangered and to the species that are already extinct. I find that listening to this beautiful song by Canadian singer and song writer, Bruce Cockburn, called Beautiful Creatures sums up our perilous situation with song as prayer. As it opens the way to my heart and cleanses my soul, may it touch and awaken places within you that you may be protecting too.




May all beings be free from the causes of suffering.