images-7I share below what helps me through some challenging times and what some of those challenges have been lately. I wonder how you reground yourself when life throws some spicy and challenging curve balls your way. What helps you center yourself under duress? The key for me is remembering and then committing to using the tools under my belt.

I’ve had some recent practice with both using my tools and forgetting to use them! I am getting more grounded again after a helluva week that threw me for a few loops. From my car’s clutch dying after a powerful monologue performance of mine to thinking my cell phone wasn’t working to an intense fender bender car crash to a theft invasion in our home, it was interesting how thing after thing happened–and how it affected me and my relations. It was a perfect storm that appeared in my life and, thankfully, I am now able to look back and see what I can glean from the challenges and continue to take proactive steps to recover and grow from it all.

What a wild and whacky ride this time of late has been! It is pretty rewarding to observe it and not feel victimized by it. That alone is a huge testimony to my personal evolution! To feel gratitude that things were not worse and for the opportunity to now ground myself and recover with ease and grace is another potent gift from these messy experiences of late.

Here are some things that have helped me get grounded and centered:

  • Reaching out to a few wise sage friends with helpful resources and tips
  • Spending time in nature
  • Getting some body work in the form of a Thai foot reflexology session
  • Letting go of my car and using the bike and bus for several weeks
  • Getting my car fixed
  • Providing care for elders with much love, compassion and competence
  • Getting excited about crafting a vision of life-giving projects for the next year
  • Eating whole foods, making autumn soups, feeding loved ones
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Taking plenty of hot baths
  • Making time to share affection with animals, children and elders

Did I remember to do all of the above? No! Did I space out on some important things that mean a lot to me? Yes! Did I forget to laugh? Sure enough! Am I being gentle with myself about all of the above? Yes! I accept the perfection of my imperfection and am focusing on deep acceptance of what it, what is not, and acceptance of myself and others. With intention, I can say–so far, so good!

May you enjoy what you do in the wake of your wilder life rides–and feel free to share them here.┬áMany blessings for your safe journeys!