Just last week, I was invited to participate in a community project that is yet another dream of a lifetime materializing for me. Similar to my published story in Journey to Joy, I’ll be sharing a story of my past from a painful era, but on stage this time! Just the telling of it brings me to deeper level of inner peace.

My story sharing is part of Tanya Taylor Rubenstien’s Project Life Stories which is devoted to the expression and presentation of “Stories of the Soul” through monologue, solo performance and writing workshops, public performances, books, videos and other media.

I’ve been profoundly engaged in a writing intensive all week that will culminate with a monologue “performance” on this Friday night at 7 pm in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The invitation is below–and I am just asking for you to send me a little blessing to “break a leg”. (Of course, if you are local, you are invited in person!)

I will be on stage with other women sharing our crafted stories to an intimate audience! The show will feature four women, all over the age of 80, with their rich stories to tell. The other four of us bare our souls and our grief related to our experience with caregiving.

Hope you can join us for this event!